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Buy Ipv4 addresses quick and against interesting rates

The IPv4 shortage has caused businesses worldwide to search for solutions in bridging the gap between current networking systems and the transfer to IPv6 addresses. As a consequence, buying surplus IPv4 addresses has become a standard. A transfer market emerged and specialized brokers jumped at the opportunity to facilitate the transaction of IPv4 addresses among companies. They navigate the turbulent waters of the global IPv4 address market and are able to bring trusted sellers and buyers together. 


One of the industry leading IP brokers is The Netherlands-based Prefix Broker. Their extensive network and market insight allows them to support buyers and sellers alike in their quest to sell or purchase IPv4 addresses. 


A shortage after less than three decades


Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) is one of the core protocols of standards-based internetworking methods in the internet. Upon the first deployment of Ipv4 addresses in 1982, the 4 billion unique addresses provided by 32-bit address space seemed more than enough given the status of the world wide web at the time. However, in less than three decades the 4 billion addresses have been depleted. 


The consequences are significant as we may now be facing a possible stagnation in internet growth and development. While there are engineers, tools and investments to forward growth, the Ipv4 addresses are lacking. The premature internet of 1982 has now backfired to cause a shortage in Ipv4 addresses. To manage this shortage, buying IPv4 addresses is a resourceful option.


Buying IPv4 addresses


Is your business aiming to buy IP addresses? The complex market requires deep understanding and an extensive network. Consulting a specialized IP broker may then be a good choice. IP brokers facilitate the purchase block of IP addresses for businesses and allow access to the global IP market. This grants you the opportunity to safely buy IPv4 addresses while receiving advice and guidance during the transaction of IP stock. 


Industry leader in IPv4 transfer and transactions 


Prefix Broker has been involved in the architecture of the current RIPE transfer policies and knows the practice inside and out. Given their position, Prefix Broker is able to provide guidance in negotiations on price, timing, governing law and currency as well as assist in obtaining approval for transfers by the RIR.


Whether you want to buy IPv4 blocks or purchase IPv4 addresses, Prefix broker can provide you with the best offers. They will assist you in the acquisition of additional IP resources using a transparent, trusted and secure process. 



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